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False Reports of Celtrixa Scam Only Point to Envy of Rivals

False Celtrixa scam reports are nothing, but works of jealous rivals. They are bent on trying to pull down this cream from its top position by any means. The reports reflect pure business rivalry and users should not be worried about them. Experts are of the opinion that the reports may stay on the net for a while and then vanish.

For years, people were on the lookout for a cream for stretch marks that actually removed marks. Most of the creams simply moisturized the surface, giving an illusion of smooth and glowing skin. A wave of dissatisfaction has spread among users, when, out of the blue, there came a cream that washed away all the stretch mark blues of people.

This cream can effectively reduce stretch marks in just 4 - 6 weeks of regular application, say reviews. It is but natural that some rivals are going to feel bouts of jealousy, which urges them to post false Celtrixa scam reports.

These unscrupulous rivals would have succeeded had the never-ending flow of positive reviews of Celtrixa not foiled their plans. The cream’s brilliant performance on marked skin has nullified all Celtrixa scam reports and proven them to be absolutely false.

Source : http://celtrixascam.blogspot.in/2013/04/false-reports-of-celtrixa-scam-only.html

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