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Rivals’ False Stories Have Got No Buyers

No Celtrixa scam scene exists. It is a make-believe thing. Experts believe it to be the work of rivals. It is nothing alarming, since this usually happens in the business world. When one brand is extraordinarily successful, certain other brands are unable to digest this success. They conjure up false stories about the brand.

Experts consider this unethical. Yet, it happens. In the rat-race to reach the top, trying to pull each other down is common. Here, the difference is that Celtrixa is not precisely a cream created to win the race. It is created to help people deal with their stretch mark problem. But rivals don’t know this. They think it to be just any other commercial cream, which has “accidentally” become successful.

Had they understood Celtrixa’s real purpose, they wouldn’t have created false Celtrixa scam drama online. Perhaps that’s the difference between this cream and the rivals’ stuff. According to experts, this is what makes one a success and the other restless.

The interesting thing to note is that users of the cream are creating an embarrassing situation for rivals, since nobody is paying attention to reports about false Celtrixa scam. When true results are visible on the skin, who will believe in scam?

Source URL: http://celtrixascam.blogspot.com/2013/06/rivals-false-stories-have-got-no-buyers.html

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